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What is SITFUSO?

SITFUSO is sketch comedy in an audio format. It is the realization of the idea that a small group of people who live in different places around the world can create entertainment without spending any money. It is Charles Daniels' masturbation scene.

But, to truly understand what SITFUSO is, you must listen to it. You must let yourself be consumed by SITFUSO. You have to imagine yourself as one of the characters in the psychological cocktail of...

Okay. That's a bunch of fancy sounding BS. Just listen to the show and you'll either love it or hate it!

Below is an introductory piece made from segments of the first four episodes. You may select the High or Low bandwidth options of Streaming or Downloading. Streaming tells your player where the .mp3 or .rm is and starts playing it while it downloads.


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Much more information is available in the "Official" SITFUSO Q&A File if you're still confused, or just very inquisitive.



Charles Daniels

Creator of SITFUSO and lord of the "wheelie things"

Definitely not a real Police officer of any kind.


Israel Brown

Script Editor, Web Designer, Audio Engineer, etc.

Be sure that you don't get within reach of this man.


Andrew Hobbs

Jim, Sketch Writer, Other stuff

Probably would kill me (if I didn't live 3 states away) for using this picture because he normally looks a lot better.


Claire Daniels (left)

The Women and Hitler

She married Charles. I think that about sums up her sanity.


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